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Randy Wing, Ham Radio enthusiast, shares high adventures and midnight mysteries

Gravity, Magnetism, and Other Dimensions...

Daniel H. Wilson Ph.D. discusses machines, artificial intelligence, and a Robopocalypse!

TerraPower’s ultimate energy recycling project

The Philadelphia Experiment and Electromagnetic Hiding

The Nightmare of a MIPS R5000 Processor

Technology historian Bill Burns talks about trans-ocean communication

The story of lighting Christmas...

Quantum Frequency by Terence Thomas

Electrical ion propulsion and beyond - A talk with NASA engineer Michael Patterson

World’s brightest X-ray laser illuminates molecular secrets

The Secret Life of Engineer, Cartoonist, Show Creator Tim Hunkin

"City of Light"
author Lauren Belfer talks about a tech revolution of 1901

Mostly Sunny with a chance of mass coronal ejection
(space weather prediction with NOAA physicist Janet Green)

MIT helps inch towards the goal of fusion power

Searching For Life... with Dr. Seth Shostak

The math... and madness of Y2K

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Advancing particle acceleration for the future - an interview with accelerator physicist Marlene Turner

Now imagine a technology with a superior acceleration gradient that can achieve high collision energies with less size and lower cost.

A real world check on climate model calculations of atmospheric radiative forcing – Interview with Chris Rentsch

Computer climate models make projections of the future using the best assumptions and calculations of how the climate system works. But relying on them requires that we check them against the best real world data available.

The fun and science of blacklight

Blacklight is special for two main reasons: The ultraviolet light is high enough in energy to excite electrons in the reactive material, making that material glow, and it minimizes visible light that would wash out or reduce the visibility of that glow.

Advanced atomic clocks will go way beyond timekeeping
an interview with Dr. Jun Ye

An upcoming generation of ultra-precise atomic clocks may be able to predict volcanic eruptions or observe cosmic events.

Eerie and haunting; the effects of the Image Orthicon tube

A discussion with Richard Diehl, a.k.a. “Lab Guy”, on his interests and the physics underlying the strange effects of the Image Orthicon tube.

Unharnessed Energy: Invisible Light from the Sky

When you walk outside at night you’re bathed in infrared light from the atmosphere...

Astronomer Dr. 'Joe' Liske explores questions about Dark Energy

Identifying the force that's causing the Universe to expand is arguably one of the greatest challenges in all of physics.

Dr. William Phillips discusses time dilation, atomic timekeeping, and quantum computing

Interview with a physicist at NIST, and Nobel Prize winner, about the complex physics of time-keeping, Relativity, and the new frontier in computing.

Unexpected Teapots...

Connecting Bertrand Russell's hypothetical teapot to spinning dynamos that power the world.

The next machine to look deeper into the atom

The next leap forward beyond the Large Hadron Collider may be a giant linear collider that smashes electrons and positrons., ElectronCafé.com,, and the electricalfun channel are trademarks of ElectricalFun Media
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