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Submit an Article is a new online site for hobbyists, enthusiasts, and engineers looking to learn about and have fun with electrical and electronic technologies.

We will be exploring:

  • Electrical energy in nature
  • Inventors with the ideas to harness it
  • The inventions and ideas they came up with
  • Products and technologies we use today:
    • Lighting & Power
    • Electronics
    • Computing
    • Motion & Automation
    • Robotics
  • Ideas and technologies for the future
  • Quantum mechanics and theories beyond the electron 

If you would like to contribute an article or image(s) which highlight your business's products, technologies, or areas of expertise, please read the following qualifications and guidelines:

  • All submitted material must be pertinent to the subject matter of this site and within its scope. No material outside of these guidelines will be accepted.

  • All submitted material must be educational in nature. Company and product names may be mentioned or displayed, however the material must have educational value to the viewer or site visitor as its primary purpose.

  • Written articles must be at least 2,500 characters in length and composed in a manner consistent with the quality standards of this site. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation must be correct; no slang or profanity will be accepted.

  • Submission of any material constitutes a license granted to to display the material for an indefinite period of time, or for no longer than the time period agreed upon at the time of submission.

  • It is the responsibility of to use any and all submitted material in a manner strictly consistent with its purpose. No accepted material shall be edited or altered in any way*, or used in a manner that would be detrimental to the provider.

  • has full discretion to accept or decline any submitted material on the basis of quality, accuracy, conformance to these qualifications and guidelines, or spatial limitations.

* Images may be resized or cropped as necessary to fit the layout of the site pages.

If you agree to the qualifications and guidelines above, and would like to submit educational material for use on this site please e-mail us with your intentions, or simply submit your material for review along with full and accurate contact information.

We appreciate your help!


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