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indigoerHelp put together some junction boxesHi, I’m putting together some junction boxes for domestic lighting using RS own brand DIN terminals in a suitable enclosure (home automation later would favour grouping the wiring into a limited number of JBs with space to accept relays later). One thing that came to mind was to do with these: They are the special DIN terminals that have a screw operated clamp to the DIN rail which claims to provide electrical continuity. How might I decide if these would provide suitable and reliable continuity for the circuit CPC on say a circuit protected by a C10 RCBO? Or do you reckon they are just fine? Points I’ve considered: Reliability – these clamp to a plated steel rail – so providing the plating holds and the rail does not corrode, then OK Clamping action seems positive. Contact resistance: haven’t attempted to measure yet, but I suspect it would be off the bottom of the range of my Megger. Fault current – worst case scenario: hundreds of amps but no more than 1kA for a very short time. There is a little leeway in that the circuit is RCD protected, but I feel it would be bad practice to factor that in as a key design consideration. What do you folk think of such devices? Many thanks, Thursday, January 23, 2020
3:05 AM

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